The initiative was carried out during 2001-2004 with the goal  to provide equal opportunities for the children in Cherkasy region to access medical examination, diagnosis and treatment. The project was implemented in cooperation with the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. 

  • In the project course, medical examinations, consultations and necessary surgical interventions were performed by professionals from top medical institutions in Ukraine. Children with chronic health problems received sanatorium treatment. Customized assistance was provided to children with special needs and for specialized child rehabilitation centres.

In particular:

  1. 32 children with chronic kidney and liver diseases were treated at Dzherelo sanatorium in Truskavets city; 
  2. About 300 children were examined, consulted and operated at the French Endocrinology Center in Kyiv and leading specialized medical institutions in Kyiv and Cherkasy. 
  3. Children from the Biletski and Pidgora families from Drabiv district; T. Novakova from Zolotonosha district; G. Braginets, M. Usyk, Z. Sokal from Kaniv district; L. Kravchenko from Drabiv district;
  4. 126 sick children from low-income and single-parent families, as well as orphans from Chornobai, Drabiv and Kaniv districts had inpatient examination at Children’s Hospital No. 8 of Kyiv city; 
  5. More than 1,000 children were examined in medical centers of Kyiv and leading specialized medical institutions of Kyiv and Cherkasy.  
  • The Fund provided books and educational games to more than 500 children, in particular, young patients of Kaniv Social Center for Rehabilitation of Disabled Children (2001).