Publication on History and Culture

Publication on History and Culture

The Foundation supported the Publication on History and Culture including:

  • Comprehensive academic research,
  • Collections of ethnographic research works,
  • Collections of poetry of contemporary and classic Ukrainian poets,
  • Catalogs of acclaimed international exhibitions of Ukrainian relics.

See below for more details about the Foundation’s publications:

  • The first poetry collection I Came From the Earth by V. Stupachenko, a teacher at Drabiv Secondary School (2001) 
  • History of Ukrainian Culture in 5 volumes and 9 books (2001-2013) 
  • Scientific publication Galician-Volyn Chronicle. Editor – V. Kotlyar, coordinator -V. Smoliy. (2002). Annotated and supplemented with the author’s research edition of the chronicle of the thirteenth century, the only source on the political, socio-economic and cultural history of South-Western ‘Rus (K .: Naukova Dumka Publishing House .ISBN 966-00-0780-9)
  • Encyclopedia Fatherland, by K. Bobryshchev (2002). Poltava. Dyvosvit Publishing House. ISBN: 966-95846-9-8)
  • Essay “Planet Dykanka” by M. Bosak from the series “Small Towns of Ukraine” (2002). (All-Ukrainian company “Prosvita” named after T. Shevchenko; Poltava regional association. ISBN: 966-95993-1-8)
  • Collection of historical, culturological, artistic, ethnographic explorations Cherkasy Region – the Land of Bohdan and Taras, edited by B. Gubsky, V. Lytvyn, V. Smoliy.,  3000 copies. (Kyiv, Ukrainian Propylae Publishing House. ISBN 966-7015-03-3) The book contains a significant array of culturological materials dedicated to Cherkasy region. The publication was presented in May 2002. 
  • The first edition of the book by V. Gorobets, T. Chukhlib The Unknown Clio (2004). Scientific editor V. Smoliy. (Kyiv, Naukova Dumka Publishing House. ISBN: 966-00-0152-5)
  • Posthumous book of poems by Volodymyr Zatulyviter The Fourth of the Triptych (September, 2004). (ISBN: 966-8408-39-X)
  • Catalog-album Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky: Symbols of Authority and Artifacts from European Museums,  by Yu. Savchuk (2006) with V. Smoliy as Chairman of the Editorial Board
  • Restoration of Ivan Mazepa`s Flag (2009) (published in Ukrainian, English and Polish).
  • Catalog: Rescued. Saved. Returned  (dedicated to the 10th anniversary of The Department for Control over Cultural Property and Protection of Cultural Heritage,  2010).
  • The book, History of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, by D. Gordienko, V. Klos, Y. Mytsyk, I. Prelovska, (2019). (Folio Publishing House. ISBN: 978-966-03-8662-4)