Scholarships for Talented Children

Scholarships for Talented Children

Poverty makes a major obstacle to equal access to colleges and universities  for  low-income, and large families in Ukraine.

During 2001-2006, the Foundation provided annual grant support to underprivileged talented schoolchildren.

With the Foundation`s support, talented youth  were able to obtain university degrees and realise their full potential: they became scientists, managers, and businessmen. This initiative of the Foundation ensured equal access to education  for talented youth.

Over 500 schoolchildren and students, including the winners of the contest, received grant support from the Foundation. 

Some of the top students were:

  • Yana Kovaleva, a young poetess, grade 5 student of the Shevchenko school of Zvenigorodsky district, Cherkasy region (2003)
  • Martyniv Adriana, grade 7 student of the Gymnasium of the city of Novyi Rozdil, Mykolaiv district, Lviv region (2003);
  • Kostyukovych Oleksandra, grade 7 student of the Poltava Specialized School №3 (2003);
  • Savchuk Bohdan, grade 7 student of the Kozyatyn secondary school №1, Vinnytsia region (2003).
  • Larysa Osadcha, a graduate of the Vasylchenko school-gymnasium, Drabiv (May 2003).