School of the Future

School of the Future

The purpose of the School of the Future initiative is  to support schools in introducing modern educational technologies into  academic process in order to address the shortage of  information.

The Foundation implemented this initiative from its inception.

As part of the computerization and informatization program, schools in Ukraine were equipped with modern educational technologies, namely:

  1. In 2001-2004, modern copying equipment, computers and books were donated to 82 rural schools, boarding schools, vocational education institutions and regional methodological centers of 15 regions;
  2. In 2001, almost 11,000 books were donated to 790 libraries, higher and secondary educational institutions of 20 regions of Ukraine;
  3. In 2001, Japanese Risograph machines were donated to more than 20 schools in the Sumy region, worth almost UAH 300,000;
  4. In 2001, books of fiction and educational literature and the  Risograph machine were delivered to Klevan boarding school for children with cardiovascular diseases (Rivne region);
  5. Annual subscription to the magazine “In the world of mathematics” for the year 2002 was provided for 140 schools.
  6. In 2002, the monetary part of the National Prize of Ukraine, received by Bogdan Gubsky in the field of science and technology in 2002, was donated to the purchase and installation of a computer class at a school in the village of Pishchane, Zolotonosha district, Cherkasy region;
  7. In 2002, textbooks for children with hearing disabilities were donated to the specialized school No 5 in Kyiv;
  8. In May 2012, an excursion to the Parliament of Ukraine called “Corridors of Power” was held for students of Secondary School No 1 in Kaniv;
  9. The schools of Cherkasy region in the cities of  Cherkasy, Zolotonosha and Kaniv, as well as the schools in Drabiv, Chornobayiv, Zolotonosha Kaniv and Cherkasy districts received the following valuable donations:

• Multifunctional equipment (photocopiers, faxes, Risograph machines): in more than 30 schools, in particular:

  1. Drabiv district: the villages of Velykyi Khutir and Shramkivka;
  2. Zolotonosha district: the villages of Denhy, Helmyaziv, Pishchane, Krivonosivka;
  3. Kaniv district: the village of Liplyava;
  4. Chornobay township: Secondary school No 2;
  5. Zolotonosha: Sanatorium boarding school;
  6. The city of Drabiv: Children’s School of Arts;
  7. The city of Kaniv: Secondary school No 1.

• Copybooks and diaries: about 1 million copybooks and 200, 000 diaries were donated to more than 120 schools in Ukraine.

• Multimedia and music centers and TV sets were received in more than 40 schools, including:

  • Zolotonosha district: the villages of Voznesenske, Dmytrivka, Palmyra, Kropyvne, Domantove, Kovtuny, Chapayevka, Zorivka, Novodmytrivka, Melesivka, Drabivtsi, Kryvonosivka, Helmyaziv, Dmytrivka and Khrushchevka ;
  • Chornobayiv district: the villages of Velyki Kanivtsi and Veselyi Khutir;
  •  Kaniv district: villages of Liplyava, Potaptsi, Keleberda, Litvenets and Stepantsi (specialized school);
  •  Drabiv district: villages Kononivka, Kantakuzivka, Bezborodky, Bezpalche, Nekhayky, Bilousivka (lyceum) and Drabovo-Prystantsiyna;
  • Zolotonosha: school №3, vocational school №40 and music school;
  • Cherkasy district: the village of Ruska Polyana;
  • The city of Drabiv: Vasylchenko secondary school;
  • The city of Kaniv: schools №3 and №6;
  • The city of Cherkasy: secondary schools №7 and №29.

• Sports equipment and playgrounds were donated to more than 20 schools, including:

  • The city of Zolotonosha: school No 5, Zgar village;
  • Kaniv district: the villages of Martynivka, Hryshchentsi, Keleberda, Kozarivtsi, Yabluniv, Trostyanets;
  • Zolotonosha district: Korobivka, Gladkivshchyna and Bubnivska Svobidka;
  • Chornobaiv district: village Mali Kanivtsi;
  • Cherkasy district: villages Moshny and Tubiltsy.

• Computer classes and laptops were received by 15 secondary schools, including:

  • The city of  Zolotonosha: secondary schools No 5 and No 6, Veterinary College;
  • Zolotonosha district: the villages of Pishchane, Denhy (school and education centre);
  • Cherkasy district: the villages of Moshny, Yasnozirya, Lozivok, Baibuzy, Ruska Polyana;
  • City of Kaniv: School of Culture;
  • Cherkasy: Secondary school No 27.

• More than 20 schools received access to the Internet, in particular, the school No 3 in Zolotonosha and the village of Veselyi Khutir of Chornobayiv district. 

• The Foundation donated more than 8 gigabyte 500 flash drives to graduates of schools in Zolotonosha and Kaniv and top students of secondary schools No1 and No 2 in the village of Yasnozirya.

• Household appliances and equipment were donated to more than 30 schools, including: 

  • Drabiv district: the village of Nekhayky;
  • Cherkasy district: Budyshche and Yasnozirya villages (schools No2 and No1) 
  • Chornobaiv district: the village of Stary Kovray; 
  • Kaniv district: the village of Lytvynets;
  • City of Zolotonosha: school No5,

•  Fiction and educational book collections were donated to more than 120 schools.