Exhibition “Forever Free Ukraine” serves as   International Educational Platform

Exhibition “Forever Free Ukraine” serves as International Educational Platform

Since its opening on August 20, 2021, over 10,000 people have attended the exhibition. The list of attendees comprises all layers of the society, ranging from Ukrainian individual family units to state officials and foreign delegations to Ukraine.

Most notably, Ukrainian high school and university students are its regular visitors, having classes on the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917-1921 in its galleries.

On October 8, the exhibit was visited by a team of American Fulbright grantees, who had arrived in Ukraine for celebrating the 75th Anniversary of The Fulbright Program worldwide.

Notably, the idea of the exhibition is based on the research conducted by Yuriy Savchuk, a Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program Fellow (2019–2020, USA).

The Fulbright team was lead by Mrs.Jessica Zychowicz, Ph.D., Director of Fulbright Program and Institute of International Education in Kyiv Office.

Bogdan Gubsky welcomed the guests on behalf of the exhibit’s organizers, and Yuriy Savchuk conducted a curator-guided tour.

American guests’ impressions are well reflected with the photos made by Oleksandr Kosmach.