Summing up 2021 & in Preparation for 2022

Summing up 2021 & in Preparation for 2022

Despite all challenges of 2021, it has been very productive.

1. We marked the 20th anniversary of the Foundation by organizing two large-scale international exhibition projects:

1.1. “An Emblem of Unity. The Great Coat of Arms of Ukraine: from Narbut to Yakutovych”, (11. 2020 – 01.2021). The co-organizers of the exhibition were the Bogdan Gubsky Foundation “Ukraine – 21st Century”, the National Art Museum of Ukraine and the Sheremetyev Museum as well as an International partner, The Ukrainian Museum and Library in Stamford, Connecticut. In total, 12 museums, archival and library institutions of Ukraine and the United States, took part in the exhibition.
The purpose of the exhibition was to highlight more than a century of history of the Great State Emblem of Ukraine and more than a thousand years of tradition. The Princely State of Volodymyr the Great – Trident; the coat of arms of the Zaporizhian Army – a Cossack with a musket; and the coat of arms of the Galicia-Volyn state – with its golden lion.

More details here:

1.2. “Forever Free Ukraine!” (08. 2021 – 05.2022). With the aim to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence, the Bogdan Gubsky Foundation “Ukraine – 21st Century” together with the National Museum of History of Ukraine during WWII organized a large-scale international exhibition: “Forever Free Ukraine!” This exhibition is a collaborative effort that features 21 libraries and archives from Ukraine as well as the United States. The uniqueness of the exhibition was highlighted by Ivan Kovalchuk, Director of the Museum: “The exhibition is not only about the cultural and historic significance of the Ukrainian Army’s uniform during the Liberation War (1917–1921), it illustrates consistency in the national statehood building, it examines the Ukrainian Army’s traditions, and honors biographies of its bright leading figures. Moreover, the exhibition is about the unity of Ukrainians – in the past, present and future!”. It will be on display from August 20, 2021 through May 31, 2022.

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Both projects are united by the term “first time”. Most of the exhibits have been seen by the Ukrainians the first time. The artworks by Mykola Bytynsky “State Awards of Ukraine” and “Album of Uniforms of the Ukrainian Army and Fleet during the Liberation Struggle (1917-1921)” from the U.S. had never been made public and were presented in Ukraine for the first time.

The joint efforts of the Foundation’s team and our foreign partners made the two projects success. Volodymyr Taran, Designer, and Yurii Savchuk, Curator, made both unique.

2. On December 13, 2021, Yurii Savchuk, our team member, was appointed Director General of the National Museum of History of Ukraine during WWII – a leading museum institution in Ukraine.

Congratulations to Yurii Savchuk on winning the competition for this post! We wish him success, creative inspiration and achievements, as well as colleagues’ and partners’ support.
We expect a new level of productive collaboration.

It is important to note, that the first international exhibition organized by the Foundation and curated by Yurii Savchuk opened in March 2002, entitled ” Bohdan Khmelnytsky: Symbols of Authority and Artifacts from Europe’s Museums.”


Curator of international museum exhibitions organized by the Foundation and Project Coordinator in the field of preservation of the Ukrainian cultural heritage (2002-2021)

30 years of experience in the museum sector, specializing in the organization of international museum exhibitions and preservation of the Ukrainian cultural heritage,

PhD in History,
Senior Researcher, Institute of History, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
Full-pledged scholar (2010-2020 Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program, USA)

Concept developer and curator of ten complex international museum exhibitions.
Co-author of the sketch proposal of a Great Coat of Arms of Ukraine approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Member of the Expert Council of the National Bank of Ukraine on the issue of commemorative and commemorative coins,

Member of the Commission on State Awards and Heraldry under the President of Ukraine.

2021 laid the groundwork for new initiatives and projects. It also put the bar high in terms of what people expect from them.

We want to thank all our partners for your direct and indirect support.
Keep Well & Stay Safe.

Happy Better 2021, Everyday!!!