We are all united under the banner of Ukraine!

We are all united under the banner of Ukraine!

The brutality of this war has united all of the people of Ukraine as well as the entire world!

We support the incredible bravery and heroism of our Armed Forces with military equipment, medicine and communications.

Together we will be victorious!

We must look to the army […]as a form of immense pride and invaluable protection for the state and nation, which is imbued with high self-worth and democratic values.  This attitude should be sincere, serious, and work towards social as well as national goals; not for aggression or fear, but for conscience.  The contribution of a few precious years of obligatory service should be viewed as a special honor which fulfills the highest public duty in defending our nation’s legacy, even if it means giving one’s life for our country!”

On the Threshold of the New Ukraine. 

~Mikhailo Hrushevsky (1866-1934);
Historian, leading cultural figure of Ukraine, academic, statesman and politician.

The quote serves the motto of our on-going museum exhibition “Forever Free Ukraine!”
Little did we know our people would be fulfilling Hrushevsky’s prophecy.