Aid to Improve Cultural and Educational Level of Territorial Communities

Aid to Improve Cultural and Educational Level of Territorial Communities

Between 2002 and 2012, the Foundation was providing comprehensive educational, cultural and humanitarian aid to territorial communities in Cherkasy region. Also, within the initiative, 1,200 teachers, artists, medical doctors and nurses from the region have visited museums, exhibitions and theaters in Kyiv.

  • In 2002, in order to help develop  intellectual potential  of local communities, educational grants were provided to the following students:  
  1. A. Shadura from Bogodukhivka village, Chornobai district, to study at the Cherkasy State Technological University and 
  2. M. Zyma from  Skorykivka village, Zolotonosha district, to study at  the Bohdan Khmelnytsky  National  University of Cherkasy.
  • In September 2002, 500 subscriptions for the regional newspaper Drabivshchyna were arranged for veterans of World War II, soldiers’ widows, disabled children and large families from Drabiv district.
  • In January – March 2003, selections of rare books were donated to the central district libraries of Chornobai, Drabiv, Kaniv and Zolotonosha, districts.
  • During 2003, educational (local government training) and sightseeing trips to museums and theaters in Kyiv were organized for village heads of Chornobai, Drabiv, Kaniv and Zolotonosha districts.
  • In August 2003, the Foundation helped amateur art groups of Zolotonosha and Chornobayiv districts to take part  in the concert in Cherkasy.
  • In October 2003, sets of books on the history of Ukrainian culture and works of classical Ukrainian literature were donated to the libraries of Chornobai, Drabiv, Kaniv and Zolotonosha districts.
  • In 2012, the Foundation actively supported cultural initiatives of local communities, in particular: 
  1. Performances with Kyiv actors were organized in the cities of Kaniv and Zolotonosha and in the villages of Moshny and Yasnozirya of Cherkasy district. These events were dedicated to the Cossacks Day and the religious holiday of the Protection of Virgin Mary;
  2. Stage costumes were donated to the performers from five villages of Zolotonosha district as well as the choir of veterans of Zolotonosha; 
  3. Special stage shoes were custom-made for the art teams of the village of Moshny, Cherkasy region;
  4. The Foundation donated Voltmeister accordion and stage microphones to amateur art groups of the villages of Pischane, Zolotonosha district and Sofiivka, Cherkasy;
  5. Musical centers and professional sound systems were donated to more than 25 art centres and village councils (villages of Drabivtsi, Brovarky, Helmiaziv, Khrushchivka, villages of Dibrivka, Skorykivka of  Zolotonosha district and Svydivka, Keleberda, Lozivka and Kumeyky of Cherkasy district, Pekari village of Kaniv district).
  • During 2010-2012, the libraries and art centers of the cities of Zolotonosha and Kaniv, as well as more than 50 villages of Cherkasy, Chornobaiv, Drabiv, Kaniv and Zolotonosha districts received collections of books (books in law and fiction books, manuals and textbooks). In particular, the libraries of the villages of Vilkhy, Khvyliovo-Sorochyn, Kedyna Gora of Zolotonosha district and Baibuzy village of Cherkasy district were replenished. 
  • In 2011-2012,  sightseeing and educational trips were organized for employees of educational, cultural and medical institutions of the cities of Zolotonosha and Kaniv, Chornobai, Drabiv, Zolotonosha, Cherkasy and Kaniv districts to museums in Kyiv, including to the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra. Also, fans of theatrical art had the opportunity to attend performances at the Lesya Ukrainka Theater and watch the performances Valentine’s day,  Alexander Vertinsky, the Lord’s Ball, Edith Piaf: Life in a Pink Light, Marriages are Made in Heaven, Happy Father of the Family.
  • The groups of teachers, who took part in such trips were from: 
  1. School No. 3 and Lyceum of Zolotonosha;
  2. Schools No.1, No.2, No.4, No.6,  I. Franko city gymnasium and Kaniv boarding school;
  3. Bilousiv Lyceum, schools of Velykyi Khutir, Vyshneve, Drabovo-Prystantsiina, Rozhdestvenska, Retsiukivka, Shramkivka in Drabiv district; 
  4. Representatives of the villages of Antypivka, Bogdany, Kovray, Korobivka, Krupske, Pischane, Podilske, Syniokivka, Skorykivka of  Zolotonosha district; 
  5. Residents of Baibuzy village, Cherkasy region.

In total, more than 1,200 teachers, doctors and cultural workers of Cherkasy region took part in such trips. The trips to museums and theaters were highly appreciated by the participants.