Alisa Zaboy`s Art Exhibition: I am a Woman

Alisa Zaboy`s Art Exhibition: I am a Woman

In October 2001, the Foundation organized and held an exhibition of bronze sculpture, entitled: I am a Woman by Alisa Zaboy (member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine). The exhibition was held in the Mystets Art Gallery in Kyiv.

The exhibition was dedicated to the Slaviv Culture and Literacy Days. Numerous supporters of Alisa Zaboy’s talent considered the exhibition to be: “A celebration of spirituality, poetry, purity, which is a rarity in our lives.”

The Bogdan Gubsky Foundation works closely with the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation to support young talents and  the revival and development of national culture. The exhibition of the artist Alisa Zaboy, became a significant event in the cultural life of the country. The exhibition aroused great interest in the world of art as Zaboy`s works had not been exhibited for many years due to repressive measures by the communist authorities of Soviet Ukraine who were dissatisfied with the sculptor for supporting human rights movements. In 1968, together with 140 representatives of the scientific and artistic intelligentsia, she signed a letter of protest against violations of democratic principles in the USSR.

I am a Woman consisted of over 30 sculptures, which were created during different periods. Ms. Zaboy freely creates in various styles and artistic traditions. She combines academic knowledge with modernism, primitivism, and the art of the Slavic Middle Ages.

The main themes of the works are; land,  fertility, and motherhood. The expressive forms of her sculptural pieces are multi-nuanced and symbolic. 

I am a Woman became Alisa Zaboy’s first full-scale exhibition.

In 2001, according to the Association of Art Galleries of Ukraine, Alisa Zaboy became one of the top ten sculptors of the century.