Best Among Agrarian Workers

Best Among Agrarian Workers

In 2000-2005, the Foundation revived one of the best traditions to honor working people, those who make the country prosperous. The Foundation initiated and held a contest Best in Profession among agrarian workers across Ukraine. The total of 7,000 contest winners were honored with awards and gifts.

In December 2001, the Foundation organized and held celebrations under the slogan:  Praise to the Hands that Smell of Bread in Zolotonosha, Drabiv and Kaniv districts and the city of Zolotonosha in Cherkasy region.

More than 3,000 farmers, workers of processing industries and village social spheres were honored. The winners included: Nadiya Zmerzla, milkmaid of “Chapaevske” LLC; Petro Karvatsky, member of “Progress” LLC; Ihor Kuchyna, mechanic of ‘Niva’ LLC; Volodymyr Serhiienko, engineer of “Denhivske” LLC; Raisa Maksymenko, a pig farmer of “Nasinnia” LLC; Ivan Odnora, combine operator of ALLC “Ranok”; Anatoliy Ganenko, driver of ALLC “Chernyshivske”; Serhiy Gladkomaz, tractor driver of ALLC “Pshenichnyky”, as well as village doctors, educators, artists, operators.

The top professionals in their respective fields, received prizes and gifts. Well-known artists Pavlo Zibrov, Olga Kryukova, Dmytro Hnatyuk, and the “Kobza” band performed for them.

Events which summarize  the results of the financial year and honor the best professionals have taken place annually through 2005. As of 2005, the Foundation honored about 7,000 farmers and social workers.