Book: Hetman Ivan Mazepa’s Flag

Book: Hetman Ivan Mazepa’s Flag

This beautifully illustrated publication (2008), presents a comprehensive historical study as well as the unique process behind the restoration of Hetman Bohdan Mazepa’s flag, which was carried out by an international team of specialists at the initiative of the Foundation.

The authors are academics from Ukraine, Poland and Italy. The texts are written in Ukrainian, Polish and English.

ISBN 978-83-7581-019-6

Coordinators of the publication Janusz Czop and Yurii Savchuk.

The book was published in Krakow in 2008.

The publication presents a comprehensive study of the complex process in restoring the flag of Hetman Ivan Mazepa.

Today, the flag of Hetman Ivan Mazepa is one of three surviving flags (the second – Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky – is kept in Stockholm (17th century), and the third – Danylo Apostol (18th century) – in Moscow.

Prior to restoration, the flag was in poor condition.  Forty six percent of the flag’s textile had disintegrated; however, there were a large number of salvageable original silk pieces. The progressive aging and fragility of the flag prevented it from being exhibited for years.

Restoration was preceded by a comprehensive scientific study of the flag, which was attended by researchers from Ukraine, Poland and Italy.

Restorers from the National Museum in Krakow took on the difficult task of saving this important historic piece. The restoration process lasted from September 2007 to September 2008.

The restorers removed the fabric backing which had been glued during the previous restoration in the 19th century, cleaned the surface of the obverse and reverse sides, and properly adhered the fragments of paint layers and gilding that had broken off. The entire flag was lined and reinforced on the reverse side with a cloth.

The restoration work strengthened and stabilized the flag to prevent further deterioration, and made it possible to exhibit in museum condition for present and future generations.