Social Support (medical)

Social Support (medical)

During 2001-2004, the Foundation provided medical and social assistance to the elderly people who had made a significant contribution to the protection and development of Ukraine.

The Foundation supported Second World War veterans, Chernobyl nuclear disaster liquidators by providing them with medications, vouchers for medical examination, treatment and sanatorium rehabilitation. 

In 2001-2004 a significant number of medications were donated. The people, who received them were: 

  • About 1000 veterans of journalism of the Ukrainian Journalist Foundation (2000);   
  • 500 WWII veterans (2000); 
  • 11 Chernobyl nuclear disaster liquidators (2003);
  • Personalized medical support for the residents of Chornobai district Yu. Sakhno, D. Vodianyk, V. Garnata and L. Ovsianytska from Kaniv district.

Vouchers for medical treatment and rehabilitation were provided to: 

  • About 200  WWII veterans  in Ukrainian State Medical and Social Center for War Veterans Tsybli and Sanatorium “Prolisok” in the village of Drabiv;
  • More than 1,070 Chernobyl nuclear disaster liquidators in sanatorium institutions of Ukraine. 

Personalized support with medicines and glasses was provided, in particular :  

  • About 1000 glasses were donated by the Foundation to the villagers of Cherkasy region (2002-2003).
  • Personalized medical treatment and examination in medical institutions in Kyiv and Cherkasy were provided by the Foundation to: V. Fedorenko from the village of Prokhorivka and V. Zubchenko from the village of Tagancha, Kaniv district; N. Vovkotrub from Chornobai district; I. Fesenko from Zolotonosha city; O. Sokolov from the village of Drabiv (2002-2004).

The Foundation provided medical and social support centers of veterans with books by Ukrainian and foreign authors (2001).

The Holos Ukrayiny (Voice of Ukraine) newspaper wrote about the Project Social Support on 26 June 2001: 

“The library fund of Ukrainian State Medical and Social Center for War Veterans in the village of Tsybli in Kyiv region has been replenished with more than a hundred books. Works of Ukrainian and foreign classics, memoirs of famous military leaders of the WWII, popular books by contemporary authors were presented to veterans by the Foundation.”