Universiade: Intellectual of the 21st Century

Universiade: Intellectual of the 21st Century

In 2000, in order to find and support talented youth, the Foundation launched the All-Ukrainian Universiade: Intellectual of the 21st Century in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer science, Economics, Law, History, Ukrainian language and literature.

Over the years, more than 400 school graduates, mostly from rural areas, have won the Universiade.

Supported by the Foundation they enjoyed the opportunity to enter 42 top Ukrainian colleges and universities.  The Foundation provided them with scholarships and grants for education and  dormitory accommodation.

The Universiade was co-organized in alliance with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the Union of Rectors of Higher Education Institutions of Ukraine, and, in 2005, the editorial board of the newspaper Silski Visti.

More than 400 school graduates won the Universiade contest. Thanks to the Foundation, the winners got the opportunity to become students of 42 top Ukrainian universities. 65 percent of the winners came from villages and small towns. Particular attention was paid to children from low-income families.

The Foundation provided the winners with scholarships and grants for education and dormitory accommodation. 15 boys and girls received instruction abroad.

  • 1st All-Ukrainian Universiade (2000).

In December 2000, the first All-Ukrainian Universiade:Intellectual of the 21st Century, was attended by about 100,000 students and schoolchildren. 89 winners received grants from the Foundation to study in top Ukrainian colleges and universities’;

  • 2nd All-Ukrainian Universiade (2001-2002).

In December 2002, the 2nd All-Ukrainian Universiade was held, with over 100,000 participants from high school and universities.

The Foundation made it possible for 117 winners to enter the universities

  • 3d All-Ukrainian Universiade (2002-2003).

In October 2003, the third All-Ukrainian Universiade was held with more than 60,000 high school and university contestants. The academics of the National Academy of Ukraine Borys Oliynyk and Viktor Skopenko were part of the Universiade Organizing Committee.

42 diplomas were awarded to the winners including university students, nominal scholarship holders of the Foundation.

  • 4th All-Ukrainian Universiade (2003-2004).

In December 2004, the results of the fourth Universiade were summed up: 13 winners entered university thanks to the Foundation. The Foundation provided them with grants to study and live in dormitories.

  • 5th All-Ukrainian Universiade (2004-2005).

In May 2005, the results of the fifth Universiade were announced. The contest was attended by more than 75,000 high school and university students. Four gifted children received awards from the Foundation.