Medical Examination and Consulting

Medical Examination and Consulting

In 2001-2003 and 2010-2012, the Foundation held a two-stage joint project Care in alliance with the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. The project ensured equal access to high-quality medical examination, counseling and treatment services by leading Ukrainian medical professionals for  rural residents of Cherkasy region. 

12 complex and specialized mobile medical teams worked simultaneously in more than 200 locations.

More than 90 thousand residents of the region received medical examination and treatment services.

The project was initiated in response to the numerous appeals from medical doctors of Cherkasy region to the Foundation and the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. The doctors asked  for assistance in strengthening their capacity in examining rural residents of the region, in order to provide them with equal access to requested medical services.

During the preparation stage, the Foundation in close cooperation with doctors, identified priority areas in need of aid. They planned and scheduled medical examinations of the population of Cherkassy region by the doctors from leading Kyiv medical institutions. The training seminars were scheduled to share  professional experience.

Unique mobile medical teams have been  organized which provide comprehensive medical examinations: 

  • 6 complex mobile teams (consisting of 6-7 medical specialists, selected to meet the needs of each location). Residents were able to have a comprehensive medical examination in one location and get an opinion and prompt assistance from a cardiologist, an ultrasound doctor, a neurologist, a surgeon, a general practitioner, a gynecologist and other doctors. Mobile teams were equipped with blood analysis laboratories, cardiographs, and ultrasound devices)
  • 3 specialized child healthcare teams (consisting of a pediatrician, ENT specialist, neurologist, orthopedist and speech therapist)
  • 2 specialized teams of optometrists from Eye Microsurgery Center of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine
  • 4 mobile fluorographs (their work became invaluable in helping local doctors in rural locations to perform a full medical examination of the population. It became the first medical check-up of such level since proclaimng independence of Ukraine).
  • During Stage 1 (2001-2003), Kyiv doctors together with their local colleagues examined and consulted residents in about 200 locations. In particular, residents of 61 locations were examined in Zolotonosha district; 53 locations in Drabiv district, 35 in Kaniv district, and 50 locations in Chornobai district. The total of over 50 thousand residents of the region were examined.

About 90 residents received emergency medical care in medical institutions in Kyiv and Cherkasy. More than 10 life-saving heart surgeries were performed.  More than 40 elderly people diagnosed with cataract underwent surgery at the Eye Microsurgery Center. According to reviews, elderly women, young mothers and children received invaluable help.

During the first stage of the project, local doctors exchanged their experience and received training with their colleagues from leading Kyiv medical centers, professional contacts were established, and post-project cooperation agreements were made.

“A powerful army of Kyiv doctors stood side by side with local doctors and helped conduct medical examinations of the entire population in the region, which we would never have done on our own. The status of a paramedic, a rural doctor has grown,” one of the local doctors pointed out.

The first stage did not end right after the examination was performed by the medical teams.  In terms of cooperation, the Kyiv doctors would come to their Cherkasy colleagues in regional hospitals for joint counseling and surgery in difficult cases, while the Foundation actively helped the elderly people and underprivileged children with vouchers for treatment and recovery.

  • The second stage of the project was carried out during 2010-2012, 

At the request of our Cherkasy colleagues, the successful previous experience of mobile teams was repeated. This time, young Cherkasy doctors joined the project.

The medical teams working simultaneously included:

  • 6 integrated teams
  • 2 specialized child healthcare teams
  • 2 specialized teams of optometrists
  • 2 mobile fluorographs.

Residents of more than 90 settlements of Cherkasy region had medical check-up conducted by Kyiv leading doctors.

Over 40 thousand people received counselling  in medical institutions, including paramedical and midwifery stations and outpatient clinics.

New medical check-ups were conducted, the results were compared with the previous stage, and previous work with patients was analyzed. 

More than 100 residents received emergency medical care in medical institutions in Kyiv and Cherkasy. More than 60 elderly people diagnosed with cataracts underwent surgery in Eye Microsurgery Center.

People were grateful to the doctors for their help and to the Fund for organizing access to highly qualified doctors.  A neurologist, a surgeon and a cardiologist came several times certain locations to help everyone who needed their advice.  

All data on the increase in the spread of tuberculosis with recommendations were submitted to local health departments.

The Foundation received information about the needs of medical institutions in the Cherkasy region; and during 2001-2012 provided the necessary furniture, medical equipment and medicines to more than 10 district hospitals, 23 divisional hospitals, 60 outpatient clinics and 120 paramedic and midwifery stations of Cherkasy region in the cities of Zolotonosha and Kaniv, and Drabiv, Cherkassy, Chornobai, Kaniv and Zolotonosha districts 

(for more information, see Project “Health care institutions support”)